How Your SEO Marketing Agency Could Actually be Killing Your Business

So apparently, you hired an SEO company. But the results are not as good as you were expecting.

It would be nice if you could add a couple of more bucks to keep track of your SEO progress if you already spend hundreds of dollars on a monthly contract. It will help you to understand whether your company does the right thing for your website and what works best for SEO.

The days are gone when you can simply create a ton of non-discriminatory backlinks that show your website if you want to establish a stro

Several cynical companies make this – a short term profit, you get a thousand backlinks for a month, and people think it’s great. They spam, take their money and then leave.

When Google realizes that your platform is connected to by websites/domains (such as private forum networks) with the sole purpose of linking to thousands of different websites or generating a slew of false website profiles on the internet, you will be penalized.

When Google penalizes you for poor connections, you will either have to delete certain links to your blog or start from scratch to set up a new page with a different domain before you start climbing up to your search engine results ranks.

Google introduced significant changes over the last year, which have ruined the ranks of many small companies. Both upgrades are named Penguin and Panda — and they were developed specifically to kill the ranks for “cheap and fast” pages.

Some SEO MARKETING companies are dangerous enough to destroy a small business, and maybe even a business that’s not-so-small. The reality is that many SEO agencies are terrible.  That is why, after the introduction of the Panda and Penguin algorithm by Google, several

If your SEO company does very little for your website, you may feel that SEO is a waste of time and money right now; this is rational enough.

That does not mean the SEO’s are no more of use or they cannot help. As long as there are search engines, there will always be a way to increase the rank of your site. It could only mean that your existing SEO firm is about to terminate and then choose that is competitive instead.

SEO is dead to people who place hundreds of spammy links, fill in keywords, and write thin, inferior content.

Below you will find the most common signs of alert that your current SEO firm is not as successful as it claims.


It would be helpful to learn a few basic things about search engine optimization when you first outsource your SEO. You can show them during negotiations that you are not clueless and that you have an idea of how things work.

In addition to fundamental things, you should know red flags — warning signs that you don’t have a good SEO company. Here are the red flags that should make you run away from an SEO firm without any further talk.


Whenever an SEO company says that they’ll build “X backlinks from PR2 + sites” run as fast and as far as possible.

Number 1 ranking of keywords:

What do you think you ought to do when they promise they will place your keywords in a specific position? That’s accurate. That’s false. Head ahead!

Nobody can guarantee you where your keywords are going to rank. Yes, it may sound disheartening, but the truth is. The number of links you have is not all of SEO. If your competitor has 100 connections, this does not mean you will override them if you have 101 connections.

An approach by spammed email:

The most mediocre SEO firms or freelancers can not organically attract customers from Google as they can’t rank high in search engines. Then what do they do? They choose the other way by sending thousands of spam emails in the dark, to fool a novice.

Email spam is described as sending unsolicited messages to people who have not opted in. Not surprisingly, even Google gets such emails.

They ask you to link to their site or other sites:

In the footer or sidebar widgets, you should not agree to work with companies that suggest you link back to their website.

The poor-quality SEO companies out there are telling clients to write something like “ does SEO for this blog” on their website. Also, avoid companies that want to do link exchanges.

SEO companies that stays secretive:

If you’re in doubt or have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. The SEO company is responsible for describing the strategies and techniques on your platform that they will use.

If they’re very secretive and don’t want to give details of their previous accomplishments, their on-page SEO tactics or the types of links they’re building, you should avoid working with them. If you employ an SEO firm, you need to have an excellent relationship with them, as their work can either positively or negatively affect your business future.

They have to provide weekly or monthly reports about what they’ve done for your site and tell you about the plan for the period ahead. Companies that don’t send out detailed progress reports might have something to hide.

No Communication planning: 

When an SEO firm wants to do business with you, a contact strategy needs to be developed. Although this may not seem like something major, it is one of the key ways to hold an agency responsible for its acts – and the organizations know that too.

The best SEO strategies always come with proper contact schedules. You should have the name, email address and phone number of the person who will work directly on your site — not just the agency’s contact information.


The lesser an SEO firm wants to connect with you, the lower confidence they have. If you are talking to an organization that does not offer regular contact, consider another one.

SEO companies that build low-quality links and have a blog network:

We have often seen clients scammed by companies who generated very low-quality links from different sites because the client had no idea how to determine whether a backlink is good or bad. If your SEO company has a blog network and links to your website, get rid of it immediately — and ask them to delete those links on the way out.

Full of keywords Content:

The content of your website should be user-friendly and reader-friendly. Stuffing keywords can penalize your website.

It’s essential to do a keyword study, but make sure they don’t over-optimize your posts before writing an article.


Social media marketing from your SEO company:

How often do they post on your behalf? How do they measure engagement?

The best Web SEO companies would consider all of this when creating a strategy that exceeds your expectations.

If your SEO company is not active in Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on behalf of you: this is yet another giant red flag.

Is the content for people or Search engines?

It does not just seem terrible that your company is linked-to articles that appear as if a 5-year-old wrote them! But, Google is also getting far too intelligent for cheap tactics like these and could hurt your rankings in the long term.

Is the focus on static content or active blogging?

Make sure you write your blog fringe content. Make sure your audience resolves your concerns and issues! If you haven’t a blog yet, ask the SEO firm for this!

Are they asking about your company or competitors?

SEO is not an all-in-one concept. It is subject to different industries and competitiveness in these sectors; if an organization does not try to get to know your business, it can not produce the outcomes you want.

While an agency may have expertise in your business and serving other clients, they still have to respond to your appraisal and stand up to your rivalry. What succeeded for your ultimate client won’t work for you because you’re not the same business — as simple as it sounds.

Monitor your organic traffic:

If the traffic you are receiving from Google or other search engines rises over months, they will most certainly do an excellent job of optimizing your site. Ask for some explanations in case your website has not improved, or even worse – the traffic has declined.

Keep an eye on keywords:

If you have a list of keywords that you want your site to rank higher, you can add them to your Monitor Backlinks account and see where your website ranks for them at the moment.

If you don’t have a list of keywords, request a report from your SEO company containing recommended keywords to increase traffic.

Dofollow or Nofollow links:

Dofollow links influence your Google rankings while nofollow can be useful for sending traffic only.

If your SEO company shows the links it has created, but they are nofollow, ask for an explanation as to why they have taken time to create such links.

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